What Is Medicare?

A federal health insurance program for:

Who Is Eligible for Medicare?

You are eligible if:

Part A + Part B = Original Medicare

What Is It?

How Does It Work?

Your Medicare Card








Part A: Hospital Insurance

What It Covers

Many services related to inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare and hospice.

What You Pay (hospital stay deductibles for 2009

Part B: Medical Insurance

What It Covers:

Some of the expenses related to doctor services, lab work and other outpatient services.

What You Pay:

Part C: Medicare Advantage

What It Covers

All of your Original Medicare Part A and B benefits, plus additional benefits. Some plans also provide Part D Prescription Drug coverage.

What You Pay

Part D: Prescription Drug Insurance

What It Covers

Many outpatient prescription drugs

What You Pay


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